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Quality Commitment

Today the market for the management of UCITS becomes a growth opportunity for CGF GESTION. Our customers, partners and employees express more their needs and possess new requirements. (...)


DECISION 006-2002 / PR-CREPMF APPROVING THE COMPANY ’CGF MANAGEMENT’ ’AS A MANAGEMENT COMPANY. Issued by the Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets February 1st, (...)


Material Resources The company has adequate shares’ management software and calculation of net asset value used by one of the largest stock exchange intermediate in Tunis. Human Resources (...)


CGF Gestion, created in 2001, is the first investment company authorized in Senegal. We parlayed the savings of individuals and businesses by providing them with efficient financial products that (...)


February 28th, 2001 Creation of the company. December 5th, 2001 CREPMF’s agreement obtaining under the number SG/03-2001. November 22nd, 2002 Creation of the mutual fund CBAO (...)

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