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Employee Savings

The Wage Savings is a special savings system that allows employees to build a substantial savings through the help of the company. This savings is then invested through mutual funds in the financial market in order to support the employee in financing important projects such as supplementary pensions, the acquisition of a residence...

Why Employee Savings?

We still have to face important needs:
- Save to protect our loved ones;
- Save for major projects;
- Save for our retirement preparation.

The Employee Savings, with support from the employer, to the tax benefits, to the use of funds that allow economies of scale and financial investments, offers major savings opportunities an individual savings.

Who can benefit from Employee Savings?

Any employee of a company (public or private) can benefit from employee savings.
All it takes is the agreement between on the one hand the employees and on the other hand the company, a business group or professional group of companies.

Advantages of Employee Savings
For the company:
- A modern wage policy may enhance employee motivation;
- Tax advantages;
- The free accompanying of our recognized experts in the field of corporate savings and financial management to help you make decisions;
- A solution tailored to your case;
- A device (CSP) adjustable and easily adaptable;
- Transparent information through regular reporting.
For the employee:
- Spare his pace: 10 000 FCFA per month, for example;
- Being part of a Company Savings Plan (CSP) and receive matching contributions (employer’s share) from his employer;
- Quickly access without charge your savings;
- Improve the profitability of their savings because of the support of the employer and investments made;
- have available our professional managers to grow their savings;
- Receive regular and transparent reporting of your assets via an individual account dedicated to the management of your savings;
- Enjoy certain tax benefits;
- We do not anticipate any costs neither to the opening of the account of the employee, nor to cover this account operating costs.

Employer, simulate your CSP
Employee, simulate your retirement capital

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Employee Savings

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