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CGF Gestion, created in 2001, is the first investment company authorized in Senegal. We parlayed the savings of individuals and businesses by providing them with efficient financial products that have received the approval of the Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets (CREPMF).

CGF Gestion Management helps companies develop employees savings programs through mutual funds companies Investments (CIPF) through which employees are encouraged to accumulate capital on favorable terms with the help of their employer.

CGF Gestion also specializes in the creation and management of mutual funds (mutual funds and SICAV) to banks, insurance companies and provident, specialized in collecting savings from the public.

CGF Gestion succeeded in October 2008 in the certification audit to ISO 9001 and became the first collecting society in UEMOA space to be certified ISO 9001: 2000 by BVQI organization for setting establishment and management of UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities). This certification was confirmed in July 2009 and then in 2011 and, at the same time, CGF Gestion has successfully passed the certification to the Standard 9001/2008.

CGF Gestion is incorporated as a Limited Liability Company with capital of 200 million FCFA whose majority shareholder is CGF BOURSE which is also its depositary.

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