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Quality Commitment


Today the market for the management of UCITS becomes a growth opportunity for CGF GESTION. Our customers, partners and employees express more their needs and possess new requirements. Diversification of savings’ products is needed and we have to participate in this development to support our clients.
We need to prove our good organization and our internal skills to meet the expectations of our partners.

We aim for :

  1. Our customers’ satisfaction by meeting their requirements and anticipating their needs
  2. The promotion and profitability of our funds
  3. The continuous upgrading of processes and organization of our company.

This policy is based on the optimization of resources, competence and motivation of all staff and compliance with regulatory, legal and professional obligations.

Our experience, our will, our capacity for change should allow us to move forward to consolidate our place in the financial market through a controlled quality approach.

Our values: integrity- competence- reactivity- commitment.

We are committed to enforcing this policy within our company and put all the necessary resources in place for this.

It is the involvement of all of us in this quality policy that will guarantee the efficiency and ensure the development and sustainability of our business.

Dakar, April 18th 2013


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