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The Company Savings Plan

The CSP (Company Savings Plan) is the agreement that allows the implementation of the Employee Savings. This agreement takes the form of a signed settlement between the employees and their employer. The CSP is then used to offer savings products to employees. Its regulations will define mainly :

  • The conditions of participation of employees : monthly dues deduction from wages and / or bonuses, voluntary payments ;
  • The rules for matching contributions : the employer’s contribution is the share of the company in the APR. It is calculated based on amounts contributed by employees ;
  • The availability rules of savings made.
  • How is the placement of savings : the company’s shares (employee share), independent fund shares, mutual fund units, etc.


The CIPF (company investment mutual fund) is the preferred investment tool Employee Savings. CIPF is a UCITS exclusively for company employees. It is created within a company or group of companies via a CSP (Company Savings Pan).

CIPF allows you to :
- diversify your investments and achieve economies of scale because the participation of several employees at the same time increases the investment capacity,
- to receive matching contributions from the employer,
- to have available a professional manager,
- Monitoring the management of their savings through the CIPF Supervisory Committee.

  • CIPF Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee is the reference member of the employee. The employees are represented together with the employer. The Supervisory Committee shall :
- receive and examine the management reports
- hold general meetings
- give appropriate voting instructions attached to the shares of the Fund’s portfolio
- give its opinion on the orientations and objectives defined by the Manager
- to change the manager and the depositary
- authorize changes to the prospectus and fund rules
- commit to independent audits
- give its opinion on any question submitted by the Manager

  • How to create a CIPF ?

CIPF can be created only by the initiative of the employer alone or by the employer and his employees.
After taking creative decision, the Sponsor (the Company or the Company and employees) CGF GESTION mandates to proceed with the implementation of the CSP by the study of the most suitable matching contribution system and the creation of CIPF. The study of the employer’s contribution system determines the company’s resources for the PEE and put them in line with employees’ participation.

Employer, simulate your CSP
Employee, simulate your retirement capital

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The Company Savings Plan

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