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UCITS Management

The management of a UCITS (Learn more about mutual funds) is governed by the regulations in accordance with instructions 44, 45, and 46 of CREPMF and regulation on the organization and functioning of the financial market of the WAEMU. We comply strictly there.


Our role involves :

  • The implementation of the investment policy in compliance with the regulations and guidelines defined in the "information note" of UCITS.
  • Decisions of purchases and sales of securities
  • The establishment of administrative and accounting procedures of UCITS
  • The writing and publication of periodic public information documents (prospectuses, quarterly management reports, annual reports, financial statements, etc.), the update of the information note and the regulation.
  • The organization, holding tips and assemblies and extraordinary transactions such as mergers, divisions, etc.


We believe the long-term growth is the key driver in the management of mutual funds. We do everything to not lose sight of growth stocks. This is why we conduct further analysis before investing and do not follow the effects of mode. We also remain attentive to efficiency values and take into account our investment choices.

We are extremely sensitive to the need for transparent management and strive to ensure that our various reporting (management reports, NAV, financial statements UCITS) reflect reality and are available in time.

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UCITS Management

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